Apartamenty Bronowicka Bronowicka str. Kraków

The building is the urban continuation of the service-residential style of Bronowicka Street. We withdrew the two highest storeys adapting the construction to the local architecture. Thanks to that, on the roof of the lowest front part we managed to create terraces for residence. By each apartment we designed a spacious loggia. Clear, horizontal facade relates to the style of early modernism.

Project: 2013
Realization: 2016-2017
Area: 3.200 m2
Client: Apartamenty Bronowicka
Scope of services:
Concept design
Building permit design
Execution design
Authors' supervision
Project team:
Wojciech Witek
Łukasz Koziana
Katarzyna Miodek
Lucjan Piątek
Millarc I CGI