Gwiazda Morza Hryniewieckiego str, Władysławowo, PL

While working on this project we tried not to give in to the routine and create solutions, which would be too representative of a certain style or design. Our main aim was to form a hotel, where each guest could find their own space, whcih would perfectly fit to the given situation- depending on the time of the day, the environment created from the outside and whether one prefers to be alone or with a group of friends. The spaces of respective rooms are connected with each other and create smooth transitions according to both the design and functional aspects, which together with the vast variety of furniture allows for comfort and freedom. We wanted to make the surrounding nature and its interpretation in the interior become one entity, which would bring the informal character of this seaside area into this unique building. Materials and the look of the facade relate to the pinewood forests which are characteristics of the area. The balconies and terraces are hidden underneath the irregular pattern of the panels. This includes a vast, 200 metre rooftop terrace, which is available on the top storey.

Project: 2014-2015
Realization: 2015-2017
Area: 6.000 m2
Client: Gwiazda Morza Sp. z o.o.
Scope of services:
Concept design
Interior design
Building permit design
Execution design
Authors' supervision
Project team:
Łukasz Koziana
Wojciech Witek
Katarzyna Miodek
Katarzyna Smagała
Magdalena Kluba
Marcelina Gwiżdż
Iwona Filipiak
KOLA Studio - CGI's
Visualform - CGI's